Laurelhurst Market

Top 10 Best New Restaurants 2010

"Part steakhouse, part butcher shop, 100 percent ode to all things meat - this is "The Year In Food" distilled into a single restaurant. All the good steakhouse cliches (fun, raucous) without all the bad ones (super-expensive, boys' club). - Andrew Knowlton

- Bon Appetit Magazine September, 2010 -

2010 Rising Star of The Year: Laurelhurst Market

"...serious, butcher-driven, casual and sly enough to take the ranch and transport it to a sophisticated but informed urban setting...Laurelhurst Market is Portland at it's best, and we are sanquinely bullish on this rising Market" - Roger Porter

Oregonian Diner Guide 2010

- The Oregonian Newspaper Diner Guide 2010 -

Best Restaurants 2009

"Few restaurants so beautifully exemplify Portland's jam-session creativity as this new eatery. Portland is a city of carnophiles. And as the weekend crowds attest, Laurelhurst Market is their new shrine - equal parts American brasserie, butcher counter, lunchtime sandwich shop, and neighborhood diner. It's a steak-house for the rest of us - and our favorite new restaurant of 2009. - Mike Thelin

- Portland Monthly Magazine, November 2009 -

Instead of lavish steakhouse theater, the mode is neighborhood friendly but casually polished, from the butcher counter up to the bustling, boot-strapping dining room. For experimenters, the teeny back bar is a lab for forward-thinking, he-man cocktails, the best of them a Tennessee whiskey chilled by one outsized ice cube that jumps with the flavor of wood smoke. - Karen Brooks

- The Oregonian October 23, 2009 -